Friday 1 March 2024

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Are artificially produced substances with a cellular structure and low density. Almost all plastics are suitable for foaming.

Foams are versatile and so you will find them in almost all walks of life. So you can find foams for example as mattresses, upholstery materials or entire seating for garden furniture in the private sector.

In the industry, foams are used as e.g. Suction filter, liquid absorber or used as Verpackunsmaterial. Also as a case for protecting the content of these find extensive applications. Not to forget the nap foam for sound insulation.

We offer you:

  • PE foam
  • PU foam with and without laminated skin
  • Noppenschaum
  • FilteringFoam
  • u.v.m.

You get with us PE foam in the individual cut for your garden furniture, benches, mattresses, swings, boats, caravans, etc. Contact us! We are happy to advise you.