Thursday 13 June 2024

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We offer a variety of gaskets (cut, punched or glued) for a variety of applications. We produce gaskets of all common elastomers, e.g. SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR. Also special materials such. Silicone, FKM / Viton®, fibers, cork, graphite can be used.

The gaskets are manufactured by means of eccentric punching, bar and bridge punching, rapid punching, punching machine and kiss-cutting punching. Depending on the material and size, flat gaskets can be cut on CNC cutting plotters or with the water jet.

Standard and special flat gaskets are produced according to customer requirements in individual and series production according to drawings, sketches, samples, DXF and DWG files.

Our rubber-to-steel seals (MMD-RSG) are made of a defined elastomer with a vulcanized metal ring in the core, which allows the inclusion of a good
Surface pressure ensures and supports the centering of the seal in the flange.
Rubber-to-steel seals (MMD-RSG) are used in flange systems, among others, for sealing water, sewage, gas, air, acids and alkalis.

Rubber-steel seals (standard types) have their application limit according to DVGW, DIN 30690 at a pressure of 16 bar.

In the case of ethylene-propylene rubber gaskets (EPDM gaskets), installation in the drinking water sector is possible as they have KTW approval (contact with drinking water).

NBR seals (nitrile rubber) are, among others, approved for use in the field of gas supply and comply with the requirements of DIN EN 682.

In flanged seals, material parts are reshaped in order subsequently to be connected as a final shape by welding or soldering. The advantage of a graphite or fibrous lining is that they can withstand higher loads when folded.

We supply flare seals with inner and outer flanges, predominantly made of stainless steel or copper.
Depending on customer requirements, we supply sealing materials such as graphite grades, fiber grades, PTFE grades, elastomer grades and plastics with inner and / or outer flanges - endless or welded.

Plastic seals (PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamides, high-performance plastics) are available as blanks, milling or turned parts.

We supply graphite gaskets with and without insert

We also offer seals made of cellular materials, such as
Cellular rubber, sponge rubber, silicone foam. These materials are available as stamped and formed parts, plates, blanks, stampings or strips.
Our products are hand-made in one-off production and delivered with and without self-adhesive (single or double sided) as an assembly aid.